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John Hall

Some of those links have an extra ")" at the end.


JH: Thanks for the note. Fixed them (hopefully caught all!)


distractors --> detractors?


Mr. Fung,

I am rebooting my stats education and just purchased both of your books. I was wondering if there were any online classes or other books you could recommend that would help me build a solid foundation in stats as I continue to hone my "numbersense".



LH: Thanks for spotting that. I corrected the text. Changing the title messes up the existing links so I left it unchanged - one of the inconveniences of our digital world.

Jeff: Good question. It's tough to find textbooks that hone numbersense because academic books have a different agenda, namely, to teach students how to compute things. For what it's worth, I assigned Intro Stats by De Veaux, Velleman, et. al. when I taught (or Stats: Data and Models by the same team).

Textbook problems are constrained by needing "correct answers". It's getting even worse because most schools want teachers to come up with multiple choice tests so that they could be marked by AI.

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