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Michael Droy

This reads to me much more like a JPM / banking problem than a Data Science problem. JPM was stupid. Much like the SBF scandal (banking/Ponzi/political donations, nothing to do with Crypto but many in authority and in banks were stupid).


MD: The data science angle is the professor who used data science tools to enable the fraud. Other than that, there is plenty of blame to go around when it comes to scamming.


Usually using econometric statistically method, you can home in some of the doctored data if created by human or some navie company random generator data. The use of AI data modeling using statistical model or well fitted synthetic data set will not create such red flag if part of the due diligence is to run the data for authenticity.

So in some ways, AI could eventually cover up a lot of things when one wants to scam - be it election or data fraud

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