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Michael Droy

"Ironically, illegal measures to rig the election break these correlations. If one were to just stuff the ballot boxes with 45,000 additional Trump votes, then it would be possible to close the gap without seeing other voting margins shift."

Well of course. And the flip side (the real point) is that 45,000 stuffed votes for Biden might well have won him the election. Which is why the investigations (and cover ups) into vote rigging in 2020 were so important.

There is a peculiarity about US elections that few non-Americans are aware of. There are 3009 counties which count votes - 158m vote in 2020. The county votes are added up at the State level

Now to me in Britain (or to anyone in Europe), that means an average of 53k a county. Stuffing 45k votes then becomes a real challenge. Hard to stuff more than 5% in a single county or it would be obvious. 45k votes would be about 18 times 2500 votes. How do persuade the staff at 18 different counties to do that? Without anyone telling tales?

But to an American this is easy to explain.

Arizona - 15 counties, 3.4m votes, with a staggering 2,076k in one County - Maricopa (of which you may have heard had some controversies).
Could Dems have stuffed the 45k votes in Maricopa? Of 100k votes, let alone the 11k the Dems won by? Well easily.

Georgia. 159 counties, 5.0m votes - about 30k per county? Dems won by 12K How can that be fixed? Well Fulton county had 524k voters and was one of 4 counties with 370k+ votes.

Wisconsin 71 counties, 3.3m votes, about 47k a county, But Milwaukee had 459k votes. Easy to stuff the 20k votes that Dems won by.

For non-Americans like me, the hard part to understand is why whole cities are treated as one reporting unit (sometimes whole, sometimes split into 2 or 3 parts). And then we need to know that the big city/counties are all controlled by local Democrat authorities. That is true in Republican states too. (Hence the claims that Dems couldn't vote stuff in Repubican run states were always deception).

So the real issue with the story is not that 45k votes could not get stuffed - but that vote stuffing has only been feasible for Dems city authorities. Republicans control all the small counties with 20k-50k voters.

45k votes - 3 strongly Dem controlled counties totalling 3m voters - an easy fix.

I think I know the response. This is mad Trumpism because the very idea that Dems might have fixed the vote cannot be discussed and so on.

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