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I think to be the best person to answer your question :)
The main reason is: stupidity.
I know it very well because I use markers for work every day. I don't share them with any other colleague, also because of covid regulation. I usually don't throw away any of them, so my pockets fill with markers little by little.
I always think that the day after the almost faded marker will recoup a little of color. The day after my hand takes a new marker out of my pocket and I forget the faded one. When it happens that I draw it from my pocket, indeed it is almost revived, but only for a minute. Then, the marker dies again. And I place it in my pocket another time. So my pockets get full of faded markers.
Eventually at the fifth or sixth occasion I understand that my behaviour is not sustainable (especially for my pockets) and so I throw (almost) all of them away.


Markers dry out fast if the cap is off. I've had them go dry in the middle of a presentation. General rule is to put the cap on as soon as you stop writing. If you didn't make it in time, then put the cap on and set it aside for an hour or so


Antonio: fascinating!

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