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A Palaz

Hey Kaiser,

So some points from quick read.

The denominator can be changed, so of course can vaccine administration to match whatever group it contains.

So it is clear that a higher risk as you say for groups 30s.

Some notes on covid risk . The risks are much higher with comorbidities. So did vaccinated Clot ladies have comorbitities?

Notes on CDC analysis. Ladies of 18-29 have a far higher risk of covid hospital lization than men 8 vs 5 (just estimate form graph bars) but much lower mortality 1.5 vs 3 . Note in general women's of this age
have higher hospitalization rate than men. So why do women of this age have particular risk in covid hospitalization?

On blood clots and platelet
think it is chosen because there is a known antibody factor they have observed with linkage to this condition.

On blood clots. First why would a vaccine related factor (or covid) choose only one place in body for blood clot location?
Second in my opinion if we are to talk blood clots we would have to
include all - meaning many undetected and many that have progressed to brain heart lung and other should be included.

On vaccines. To my mind I think all these vaccines target the spike protein, correct me if I am wrong. So the stimulated immune reaction should be the same. Why then would side effects differ? Dosage, adjuvabts , vectors, and possibly something else?

Maybe also as you say reporting and self reporting differ andborvtiming of delivery to younger groups.

I find it quite extra or dinars the lack of seriousness,(?) in depth of data and analysis after over one year doing science

[Ed: The original comment was duplicated - the repeated section is removed.]


"This CDC slide indicates that among females aged 18-50, the Covid-19 death rate was around 0.3 per 100,000, or 3 per million. This means the chance of dying from Covid-19 is about the same as from dying from blood clots+low platelets after taking the J&J vaccine."

Is that supposed to be females aged 18-29? Otherwise, I can't quite get the numbers to make sense...


ATM: I'm eyeballing and averaging the first two bars. The second one is around 0.5, the first one is less than 0.2. I am also saying "about the same" because these are very small numbers and you need to imagine error bars around them.

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