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I assume that what college administrators do is to require certain apps or websites are used on the phone so that they can work out who it is. Google, etc need to do something so that they can link your name to the phone. Google has become an expert at this, through supplying apps.

The need to force students to attend courses is also becoming more important. It can be part of the metrics and also can be used to justify increased pass rates, even if it is more because of lower standards. Pass rate is now a metric because it indicates greater engagement and better teaching, if you believe the hype. I much preferred the system where students decided how much effort they would put in, and if it wasn't sufficient they failed.


Ken: So many interesting issues in one problem! Using pass rate as a measure of quality is highly questionable. Making attendance a key determinant of pass rate - except for discussion-based courses - is also dubious. And all of this is happening on top of rampant grade inflation in which you have to work hard to fail! On the one hand, I like to treat students as adults; on the other hand, those who disrupt classes using their phones aren't behaving like adults.

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