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If you want a one size fits all, I think you’d need to go with a car deaths per mile instead of per trip. Really it’s going to depend on many parameters: weather, type of road, driving behaviors in different areas. But there is no “safer” period between departure and arrival. Your risk is proportional to your time on the road, which better correlates to miles driven.


Scott: Is it really the case that driving 30 blocks is 3 times more risky than driving 10 blocks? We need some data to figure this out. Divide trips by length and look at the death rates within those subgroups. Here is some food for thought: https://www.npr.org/2009/11/29/120716625/the-deadliest-roads-are-rural


really the best way to measure this imo would be to look at people who own multiple cars, Tesla and other brands, and see whether they get die less when driving the Tesla's

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