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Antonio Rinaldi

Should A/B testing have to be effective? Should A/B testing or the people behind it have to be be ethical? What should ethical mean?
I reply yes to the first question. I confess to be not able yet to reply the last question.
If a company is interested in the number of applications, and if a A/B test shows that a choice yields the largest number of applications, such choice is the most effective.
What about if such choice yields a large number of male applications? It depends. Maybe the choice reflects a bias in the market. But maybe men are more interested in the offered jobs than women. Nobody can force men and women to choose equally all the jobs. The 50%-50% allocation is a pure utopia. And it is neither right. Men and women have to be at par, not equal.
So, until A/B testing doesn't yield a very disproportionate male application rate, I'm not ready to condemn it.
I strongly think that choosing between two alternatives by the number of applications they yield is something foolish. Ten motivated and competent people is better than one thousand of unenthusiastic people.
In other words I question the premise (the first "if" i wrote above) that the endpoit is appropriate. Maybe its effects are unethical, but if so, it's because it's stupid.
These are my thoughts. Am I omitting something important?


The postcode problem has been there for a lot longer than the internet. An example is that I moved to another area and my car insurance increased dramatically. It is due to the driving habits of the local population but is correlated to the ethnicity. As the decision is based on location not ethnicity then it is assumed OK.

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