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The Google algorithm didn't classify the article as news and thus excluded it from the search (or from the results?).
The search algorithm is probably similar in both google search and google news. But the domain for google news is narrower.


Cristopher: That might be true but it raises the questions of (a) algorithmically, how does one build a classifier of what's news and what's not news, and (b) the role of a company such as Google in such a classification.

But that theory also needs to explain how the following articles in the WSJ written by the same author show up in Google News search: "Some elite colleges review an application in 8 minutes (or less)", "Prizes for Everyone: How colleges use scholarships to lure students", etc.



DuckDuckGo manages to find it too, even on its potentially narrower News tab: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=You+Graduated+Cum+Laude%2C+So+Did+Everyone+Else&t=h_&ia=news&iar=news

Antonio Rinaldi

I have noticed that the new version of Google news changed it for the worse.
Before, the user did can select among all the sources for the same news. Now, it lists only one (Google) choice.

P.S.: Kaiser, is it possible to subscribe for the comment replies? Thank you.


I think that Google News requires that articles are free available to readers (even if just via those "6 free articles per month" offers). Is it possible this article is now behind a paywall?


AR: I checked the blog settings. The feed for comments is turned on. Have to look into this some more.

Kate: If that is true, then no WSJ articles will appear on Google News anymore as I believe they turned off the "leaky paywall." But hard to imagine a news aggregator that does not carry any WSJ articles!

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