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Dave C.

Is there any connection to Ancestry.com and 23andMe, which collect DNA?


DC: If you are concerned, first review the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. A quick google search leads to this, saying: "Let’s be clear here. 23andMe definitely is selling your data to third party companies, research institutions and nonprofits. But it is not selling your genetic data to those entities in order for them to sell you things. It is selling de-identified, aggregate data for research, if you give them consent." Amazing how these same words mean so much more in light of the recent scandal. So if you trust them and their third parties, your data will only be used for your benefit! And definitely trust those academics and researchers!


can we use the fact that "mistakes" are used as input into profile algorithms to in fact make the algorithms useless? by randomly clicking on spam ads or doing random searches frequently, the profile algorithms will receive "bad" data. over time their predictive usefulness will decline and hence not be worth doing.

won't help against sites like Amazon where you actually buy and pay for things however.

Dave C.

On the genetic data, I wonder if the murder suspect gave his "consent" for use by law enforcement.


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