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Michael Schettler

I think we might disagree on what is being optimized for.

My assumption as I was reading was that the algorithm would be optimized for cost/energy expenditures, therefore the fewest trips with no regard for passenger waiting times.


MS: Good point. It's more than likely that most businesses are optimizing for their own benefits first before customers'. There's probably some regularizing constraint or multiple objectives because the minimal energy setting would probably involve a higher occupancy rate, which means making passengers wait a lot longer.

James Kingsbery

This analysis ignores the people who pressed the "9" "12" and "14" buttons, who didn't have to share an elevator with you as a result.


JK: My point is that what is good for individuals may not be good for the average. If optimizing for the average, there will be individual "winners" and "losers." There was one clear winner in the example I gave.

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