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Wow, it sounds like he needs to make a 50 hour movie! According to the model it will suck up all the money in the world!


There are other factors that could be causing this correlation, in particular marketing budget.

The way studios market films is to pick a 'blockbuster' for that year out of the set of scripts they have selected, then buzz the hell out of it.

If Chris Nolan's film is chosen to be the blockbuster for that year, his film will get more money in its budget - meaning it is easier to make a longer movie.

It will also have more money dedicated to its advertising, meaning a higher box office take and potentially a higher RT rating.

As Nolan's career continues and he gets more films under his belt (delivered on time and to budget hopefully), the budget dedicated to his films will naturally increase because his projects are now less risky.

So all these features and their trends- length of film, box office take and RT rating can all be explained by the fact that they all reflect greater investment in the films over time due to his name reducing the risk that the film will never be released.

All of this will be blown out of the water if we look at his actual budgets I'm sure, but that could easily be due to the 'creative accounting' the studios do to prevent making a profit and therefore having to pay royalties to the cast and crew, or paying tax on their blockbusters.

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