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Michael Schettler

Brooks, David - agreement: see clock, stopped, correct twice/day


Non-data driven argument is not necessarily arbitrary. Virtually all well-formed arguments are made through logic based on premises, and are either deductive or inductive through evidence & first principles. Heck, we're too certain of things already - "70.253% chance" of so-and-so being elected. In contrast to a 70.252% chance. Numbers make things sound so much more scientific, but really it just makes us look silly. Law has (usually) understood this, hence "reasonable doubt".

It's right to question brooks on his argument based on the fact he fails to back it up with some type of evidence, whether logical or empirical. But it's not right to say that just because the argument isn't "data-driven" that it is arbitrary.


Nate: Good point, as even statistical arguments are logic-based reliant on certain principles. What I wrote implies that I think all non-data-driven arguments are arbitrary. I should have said that some of them are. In the case of Brooks, he offered nothing to support his central argument that those candidates failed because of "death by data".

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