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Jordan Erickson

Great 538 article! I feel like I'm getting a behind-the-scenes view into how you did the analysis. If you are able, could you share with us what technique you used to determine the relative influences of variables/factors? (In the "What Do Health Inspectors Care About?" graph.)


Jordan: Glad you liked it. If you open the hidden "footnotes" section of the article, you will see some further description. In short, the chart is based on a classification tree (aka decision tree) algorithm, using those factors to "predict" the grade. I also tried using logistic regression, which gives a similar result... except that it's harder to summarize regression output in this case.

Jordan Erickson

Ah, didn't see the hidden footnotes. That helps. Now I just have to wait until I take my class on classification trees (in grad school)...


What does it mean "All rating schemes will be gamed to death"?

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