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Nick N.

I notice that Numbersense is listed (in search results) as by "Fung, Kaiser", while Numbers Rule Your World is by "Kaiser Fung". I expect that has something to do with it. Searching for "Fung, Kaiser" (with the quotes) gives both books, though, so that's not the entirety of the problem.


Nick: that's an interesting tidbit. This may be what they mean by publisher attributes. It is rather disappointing that the algorithm is not smart enough to understand First Name+Last Name being equivalent to Last Name, First Name but it also doesn't surprise me. Also, it isn't surprising that the algorithm does not symmetrically treat the two formats. My publisher did tell me they revised the data sent to Amazon so hopefully by next week, this issue is resolved.


I can see Amazon's problem. If someone enters text enclosed in "" they presumably feel bound to return on;y records that contain that string. If someone enters just some text they would feel it best to return the most likely result. So if I enter Kaiser Fung then I get both books as first and second entries. Enter it as "Kaiser Fung" I only get the first book presumably because for the second the publisher only supplies Fung, Kaiser as author. So Amazon works excellently provided that you don't force the searches to be exact, in which case the will only be as good as the publisher supplied information, which is probably want you want. If I search for an exact name it is probably because I want that exact name.

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