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Ben Alamar

As a professor who is graded by his students, I would suggest that the effectiveness of this tool is based on how good the tool is. If students are asked if they like the professor or if they think the professor is good, then you are right, it is a popularity contest and probably useless at best. If however the survey is effective and looks at particular areas of performance AND the data from the survey can be shown to increase performance in other areas, then it can be a very effective tool.


Ben: Good points.

Would like to see a study of the correlation between the average grade given by a professor (or the proportion of C or below) and the average rating of the professor.


Its an interesting statistics - Many of the most performing managers are not well liked. I sure do understand the reason behind this too - manager lacks some very important characteristics. One of them is people handling and management.

Melanie Schulz

To be fair many people rely on brainteasers less to see whether they will get the correct answer and more to see how the candidate goes about finding it. The famous "how many degrees between the hour and the minute hand at 15:15" leads many people to just blurt out "0" without having thought about it. I would evaluate that as lack of reflectivity.

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