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I do love your posts, not least for the potential for unintended humour.

While there are some studies (most of it of excretable quality

Did you mean execrable?
I agree that many of the fluff science pieces fail to understand that correlation ≠ causation and are therefore only fit to be excreted ☺


"This means none of those items are proven. They are just theories."

No. This means those are hypothesis, not theories.


DrBazUK: Corrected; I suppose maybe I should use both :)

Jens: I'm using "theory" in the vernacular, definition 5 as opposed to 2 on Wiktionary. But I get your point.


Rule number 1 in statistics should be "The further away from being able to show effective randomisation the murkier the results." I should ask for a research grant that involves either giving people a dog and dog food or equivalent money for a few years and we could prove this nicely. I wonder if I could then get a dog on my medical insurance if that was shown to make me healthier.

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