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It is why death and injury rates are very much higher in younger drivers, they simply don't realise that the risks taken need to be very low.

Rob Anderson

This must be a product of an event that occurred to him that has given him this fear. It is alright to take care but to fear.. it is not right. Living in fear will only make one's life like hiding in the shadows, far from the sunlight of success. Follow the link to know how to overcome fear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1RzqGnNilU

Tom West

"Because he has already lived to 75, his life expectancy ought to be above the American average."
You never talked about the American average - only life expectancy at birth.

Your life expectancy always increases with age, because your life expectancy a year ago included those who died within the last year.


The Social Security Administration publishes this table to check life expectancy at different ages

This is from 2007, I could not find a more recent one.


The Human Mortality Database at www.mortality.org (free registration) has data up to 2010 which gives a life expectancy of 11.2 years for a 75-year-old man in the US.

Both the HMD and the Social Security figures are 'period' life expectancies - that is, they assume that someone will experience today's mortality rates throughout their life.

Actual ('cohort') life expectancy is likely to be somewhat higher than this, because an individual would expect to benefit from future improvements in mortality (due to better disease treatment etc.)

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