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Justin Bassett

I don't think 95% really fails the "sniff test" - or at least, not by much if it does.

iTunes has been the go-to for legal music downloads since its release in October 2001, and it is approaching its 10 billionth song download. 10 billion songs as 5% of the market makes about 190 billion illegal downloads in ten years, or 19 billion a year. Apple has sold 297 million iPods in that same period.

With those numbers, we're looking at less than 65 illegal downloads each year for every iPod owner. The minority of iPod owners that don't illegally share music are offset by "power pirates" who fill their iPod's 40,000-song capacity with only illegal downloads.

And keep in mind that an illegal download doesn't mean only Napster, Kazaa or Bittorrent. When my sister plugs her iPod into her friends' laptop to copy her music library, that's 8,000 illegal downloads right there.

Now I'm by no means saying that his statistic is correct or well-researched, but it certainly doesn't seem unbelievable to me.

Antonio R.

What is a "sniff test"?

Reija Paarma

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