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Antonio Rinaldi

It seems that I am one of your lucky readers what will receive a signed copy of your book. Many thanks to you and to jmp/sas.

John Johnston

I've just finished your interesting book..and I understand that polygraphs are not perfect. But I wish you could calculate, or even mention that this imperfect method probably HAS caught terrorists (and probably saved lives). When there is a better method of detecting lying..I'm sure we'll employ that. We had 3000 innocent people murdered in 2 buildings, and we had to do anything possible to keep that from happening again.
Dropping bombs in Europe and Japan didn't always kill the enemy during WW II, but it was arguably necessary to achieve the outcome.
Yes, you're conclusions may be accurate, but the drawback should not be viewed as "unacceptable"..but as an unfortunate and unavoidable circumstance due to terrorism and the lack of outrage from those of a like-minded community.


John: What I encourage is a balanced view of these technologies. Most scientists will consider the tradeoff unacceptable and that's what the NAS report stated. But like many other situations I discuss in the book, there are perspectives other than science. What I hope to do is to get people to consider both sides. Thanks for your comment.

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