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Andrew Marritt

An alternative way of showing such data would be to use a box plot for the age at death and show retirement age on top of this. From a pure-gut-feel, the median shown in a box plot would be a more appropriate average than the mean for age. Maybe add a value of percentage of population who reach retirement.

I'd also prefer that the male / female were on the same axis to enable easier comparison

Jon Peltier

+1 for plotting male and female in the same direction. I know these kind of "butterfly" plots are popular among people who study population metrics, but in truth, they make comparisons very difficult between the left and right wings of the chart.

Neil Fiorenza

Hmm, come to think of it, it makes sense. Since life expectancy is different in each country, retirement age also varied. Also, the measure of poverty must be considered. In some countries, retirement is simply not an option. Of course, every working class citizen's goal is to retire to a prosperous life, no matter what age.

Frank Damon

Hmm, Neil is right when he said "every working class citizen's goal is to retire to a prosperous life, no matter what age." If you continue on working, it may mean two things: you either enjoy what you are doing, or you need money for a living.

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