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Rick Wicklin

Although some people have an innate ability to make instinctual decisions that prove to be correct, the rest of us have to rely on data and statistics to make the best choices given the data we have. Companies that rely on a single executive to instinctively guide the company are betting their future on a single person---and hoping that he or she doesn't get killed on the highway on the way to work!

Although analytical analysis is not the only way to make decisions, it is a sound way that endures long after that key individual is no longer leading the company. I am reminded of a bumper sticker that reads, "In God we trust...all others bring data!"

Andrew Gelman

Gladwell in Blink is notorious for taking at face value the exaggerated post-hoc predictions of divorce guru John Gottman.


Andrew: yep, I'll be talking about that in part 2 of the review, in a general sense. Good to know that Gottman has already been debunked.

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