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Floormaster Squeeze

All excellent points that are actually strengthened by the economics of the situation. Most sports are a "winner take all" markets were very small differences in performance/skill are remunerated wildly differently but cycling is even more so. Also, the governing bodies of cycling strongly prefer that their riders (and in particular their best riders) are not found guilty in order to increase fan and sponsor interest.

Anyway, I no longer recall the details but I believe that the farm fingered by Contador's support team was very unhappy by all the negative press. Both the Spanish meat regulators and the farmer testified that there has never been any evidence of clenbuterol at the site.

It seems to me that the current state of the art in doping is to have a story at hand when caught and just let the enthusiasm of your supporters and the vested interests within the sport carry you to innocence from there. This does not always work (many "smaller" riders end up having to do time) but it is certainly economically rational to cheat.

hgh releasers

Today there are hgh releasers which can improve natural hgh production significantly. Yet, I don't know will anti-doping tests ''catch'' that as doping.

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