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Interesting post (the other Facebook one as well).

It's indeed hard to see whether this attempt will succeed. The cynic in me notes that (a) this depends on people being willing to give up some amount of privacy, (b) Facebook and Google are competitors, (c) as you note this linking strategy is more important to Facebook than to Google (d) AND to other media outlets more than to either of them.

So, one can see the current campaigns promoting privacy as potentially driven in part by PR campaigns undermining a competitor.

Hey, I'm old and cynical. In my defense, I was young and cynical, too.


Curious that my previous comment showed up under a surprising identity [accounts/o8/id?id etc], I'm now seeing if that happens again.


Hm, I don't know what happened there, and I couldn't edit it.

The competitive situation is perhaps not as big an issue as we might think. Data exchange coops have been around for a long time; credit bureaus for example. So I think Facebook, Google and the others understand the value of exchanging data. While I think there is an imbalance, that Facebook needs it more, the data should still benefit Google's own predictive efforts.

Your point (a) however is yet to play out. If people know they are being watched, and their data are being traded behind the scenes, would they still click on those buttons? Or is the urge to tell their friends they like something powerful enough to allay the fear of lost privacy?

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