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Alex Cook

It's nice to see you trying, but going to have to correct you on this, Kaiser: there is no "British" Premier League, or, rather, there are four, one for each country in the UK. BPL is short for Barclays Premier League, and is the top tier of English football. The four countries are independent from a footballing perspective, and because that's one of the few situations in which especially the non-English parts of the UK get to express theirselves on the international stage, consequently there can be quite a bit of vitriol between them on match day.


the culture clash between the analytical people and the intuition people. This clash is replicated pretty much everywhere there is analytics work done... One thing that is often missed is that it is not an either/or situation; statistical models should complement the human decision-making process, not supplant it.

This is certainly the case in basketball, where analytics are said to mostly support the conventional views of insiders, rather than, say, baseball, where sabermetrics contradicted them.

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