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Rosie Redfield

"Note that annoyingly the scale chosen for the four pyramids are not the same. Despite its appearance, the Asian pyramid is quite similar to the one for whites."

Am I missing something? The four age pyramids all appear to have exactly the same scales, and the largest categories ( for males) are 30-34 for asians and 44-49 for whites.


Rosie: Take a look at the range of the horizontal axes! The one for whites goes out to 6 on each side but the one for Asians only goes out to 5. So to compare them, we have to mentally squeeze the Asian pyramid a little, and I think doing that will make the Asian one similar (not identical) to the white one.

Rosie Redfield

Ahhh. I was looking at the vertical axes but not the horizontal axes! Thanks.

Ben Dover

ECON 301 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Mehoff

Don't be silly, Ben. Team Based Learning rules!!!

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