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Though I suspect the lie detector comment was tongue in cheek, I have to wonder if even accurate lie detectors would improve the detection of doping. Since lie detectors only detect changes in emotional state, they might increase the noise more than the signal.


Good article—I especially like the point about the media's overfocus on false positives.

Also, Bjarne Riis is Danish, not Dutch.


Cyclocosm: thanks. I fixed the nationality.

Tom: yes, that was mostly tongue in cheek. It refers to the point made in the book that the media circus surrounding a positive test result typically involves athlete vs testing lab but in fact, the defence offered by athletes usually acknowledge that the PEDs are in the samples - they merely offer reasons why the PEDs are there (the gel, the spiked drinks, the beer, etc.) so the only way to resolve that is a lie detector (!)

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