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Just an fyi, but the "mistake" is not a mistake at all. 17 is 8.5 times 2. You used 178 pages of 8.5, so 178 x .11 = 19.58, or 89 x .22 = 19.58.

Also, I think it's interesting that the lone blogger got the law right, yet the 4 more mainstream journalistic outlets got it wrong. Not that I'm surprised though....


So now we know. Asking a statistician what the Law of Large Numbers is, is like asking a physicist what the Law of Physics is. The physicist is likely to ask back "which one did you have in mind?".

But do statisticians say "ye canna change the laws of large numbers!"? :-)


Roger: of course, the selection of quotes is not at all random. I only reviewed recent usage, and I had to stick to quotes that are relatively self-contained.

Derek: We need to organize "take back the law of large numbers."

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