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For statisticians, educators, students and researchers: I have put one of the most comprehensive link lists for hundreds of thousands of statistical sources and indicators (economics, demographics, health etc.) on my blog: Statistics Reference List. And what I find most fascinating is how data can be visualised nowadays with the graphical computing power of modern PCs, as in many of the dozens of examples in these Data Visualisation References. If you miss anything that I might be able to find for you or if you yourself want to share a resource, please leave a comment.


CrisisMaven: I'm debating whether to delete your irrelevant comment. You have the temerity to come to my blog and advertise your own site, and yet you fail to include Junk Charts in your Data Visualisation References, or Numbers Rule Your World in your Statistics Reference List. I see that you are peppering the blogosphere with these comments; my advice to you is to learn some blog etiquette.


Let me illuminate!
AAPL SANITY is a private board. A person has to request to become a member and has to be accepted by the members. There are perhaps 300-500 different active members on a given day.
TMO AFB is another board for Apple fanboys. There are over 17,000 members and XXXXX visitors per day. DEAGOL is a valued member at both boards. So am I. There is a certain amount of duplication.

DEAGOL has been making "estimates" of all things Apple for 4 years.

HE is usually MORE accurate than 90% of the financial analysts who follow Apple.

Anyone wishing to read Daniel Tello’s (AKA DEAGOL) comments from the last 4 years can start: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/forums/observer/7971/

As you will determine by reading, Daniel usually beats MOST of the analysts following AAPL.


As I indicated, I am impressed by the method. Thanks for pointing to the detailed messages; I was blocked before. I hope that you guys will consider some of the issues I pointed out, and improve it further. In particular, improving the estimate of the number of iPads bought per order (not per order that includes an iPad) would help a lot. I am not surprised that this method works better than some of the others out there. Good work.


AAPL Sanity will block you, TMO AFB should not. Daniel has over 400 posts there. He also has his own website listed on his posts at TMO AFB.
Hope to see you there soon.

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