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Jon Peltier

The link may be tenuous, but I think if:

birth month -> age/size


age/size -> success in sports


birth month -> age/size -> success in sports

and thus,

birth month -> success in sports

can still be considered causal.

The birth month vs. mother fasting vs. child disability is perhaps less well-defined, but the strong correlation at least makes birth month a good indicator of disability.


Perhaps the lack of flexibility in football is a little disturbing the development and progress of the youth, but for example in soccer, you can see young players - even aged 15 and 16 that come and play the major team.

It's all a function of ability, maturity and investment and not really of the age and birth year.
On the other hand - this is the real risk and a measure of taking a change with the "Hot Prospect" who can fail by all means by mistake.

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