2006 Holidays

As the end of the year approaches, my posting schedule will be less predictable, and may at some point stop till 2007.

As before, I have put up a holiday wish list (it will be seen in the right column during the holidays).  If you've enjoyed this blog, consider a small gift to help stock my library.  My selection this year is a mix bag of interesting reads.

2006 Holiday Wish List

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays to everyone!  Thanks for your many visits during the past year and I look forward to an exciting 2006.

I'll be traveling for the next two weeks.  There may be dispatches from foreign places but I can't promise.

Peace and happiness to all...

Early Christmas

Frequent readers may have noticed I jumped the gun on Christmas and put my wish list in the right column.  If you feel charitable this holiday season, please help me build my library of books.  (This lucky woman received a gift of 1,082 books; I wished only eight!)  In any case, do browse the list because these are important books for all serious data sleuths.


Bellswedding I'd like to congratulate my friends Beth and Art who tied the knot this Sunday; thanks for a beautiful wedding weekend in Vermont.

Best wishes to Hendrik and Alice who also exchanged vows recently.