Light entertainment: a ribbon chart

A reader sent in this amusement. See if you can figure out the chart:


The article is here. It then goes into a lot of numbers about 200 accidents. I didn't pay much attention after that first paragraph, where it said 16% of the accidents were in one year, with 84% in the next year. That implied a growth of more than five times from one year to the next. Seems to me an issue with data collection. The author then goes on to aggregate the two years, and reports dozens of findings.

Anyway, what is the point of the ribbon chart?


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Light entertainment: Spinning wheel at the fun fair

@TheChadd submitted the following chart via Twitter.

I don't know if "fun fairs" mean the same thing to me as to you but that's where I got introduced to spinning wheel games. You stand 10 feet away from a multi-colored pie chart,  you are supposed to throw darts (or other objects) at the circle, you win gigantic teddy bears if you hit the narrow wedge and maybe a sweet if you hit the big wedge.

To add to the fun, the pie chart is made to spin around slowly.


Well, we are at the fun fair and here is the spinning pie chart:


To see the real thing, click here.

Notice that this game has an extra level of difficulty; it spins both clockwise and counterclockwise.

Have a great weekend.