Light entertainment: famous people, sleep, publication bias

Bernard L. tipped us about this "infographic":


The chart is missing a title. The arcs present "sleep schedules" for the named people. The "data" comes from a book. I wonder about the accuracy of such data.

Also note the inherent "publication bias". People who do not follow a rigid schedule will not be able to describe a sleep schedule, thus taking themselves out of the chart.

Light entertainment: Behold the 10 percent change!

Reader Orjan L. sent in this Swedish delight:


It's on the last page of this report, and I'm told it's about the number of weapons seized by Swedish customs each year.


On p. 8, I found a hockey-stick chart:


Sweden in ecstasy.


For those who love cross-over charts, look no further than p. 3 which has a reverse hockey stick.