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Light entertainment: people of color

What colors do the "average" person like the most and the least? The following chart found here (Scott Design) tells you favorite and least favorite colors by age groups:


(This is one of a series of charts. A total of 10 colors is covered by the survey. The same color can appear in both favorites and least favorites since these are aggregate proportions. Almost 40% of the respondents are under 18 and only one percent are over 70.)

Here's one item that has stumped me thus far: how are the colors ordered within each figurine?


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is 100% the top of the individual head or the group?
outside of that figure I would have said the ordering is largest to smallest, but you'd have to believe that the boy was colored blue to the hight of the girl next to him. (but then the red and green would seem to be backwards...)


My guess, based only on visuals, is that the colors on each age group are ordered (from top to bottom) by the percentage which had it as their favorite/least favorite color.

More people had blue as favorite than any other color, except in the oldest group


Lasse: that is my expectation too but then I'd expect that the heights of the blocks go from largest to smallest but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Petersgoros: that's another big mystery - there are 10 colors in the survey so top/bottom 4 leave six colors not mentioned, plus we don't know if there is a Don't Know/No Response category.

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