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just a quick note: percent translates to one out of hundred (and not one out of ten as mentioned in the article)


You say "4 percent does NOT mean that four out of ten people in the U.S. are unemployed".

I should hope so! I guess it also doesn't mean that four out of 100 people in the US are unemployed either ;)


percent, Nick: thanks for the catch! Corrected.


Getting closer. I think you want to fix the working case to say 96 out of 100 now. It is an interesting article regardless. Thanks.


David: Of course! It's a case of having too many balls in the air. Thanks for the note.

Antonio Rinaldi

Is the chart yours or is it a Bureau of Labor Statistics production? Is it possible to have a link? Thank you.


AR: It's my chart, using data from BLS. I put it up on the JMP Public website here: https://public.jmp.com/packages/Visual-Exploration-of-Unemployment-Data/js-p/5c3a727dda21e00c0c44ac1c

I believe if you create an account, you can access the underlying dataset.

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