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For a line chart showing change over time, I think I might prefer a time series like this.

I notice that by coincidence the sum of Treasuries and Securities is unchanged between 2007 and 2017, so if they'd gone for a four panel Marimekko like this. Then you can see the changes in area as changes in rectangle length.


I mean...yeah, the pie charts are better.
But the pie charts are still a pretty bad way to compare this data. I wouldn't call it a downside to discouraging pie charts, but a downside to a general lack of understanding effective data visualization! :)

Hard to imagine the thought process behind building that. Hard to imagine what tool made it seem like a good option, or how a tool would even go about laying the data out that way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The three ways I would look at visualizing this data are:

- Slope Graph
- Bar Chart with line for comparison year (like a simplified bullet chart)
- Dot Plot (as you've done)

If the goal is seeing the change directly, the slope would be my preference.
If the goal is seeing the current values, with the previous values as context, the bar with comparison like would be.
I think both do a somewhat better job than the dot plot, for those two respective purposes.

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