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"A wide range here could mean that ... very few survey responders held that job title."

I don't think this makes sense: more responses will (weakly) increase the range; they can't possibly reduce it.


@conchis - I don't think that's the point. The point that I take from it is that a wide range could be wide because there are a large number of diverse data points, or it could be wide simply because there are two very different data points - without sample size on the category level, we don't know.

We want to know.


@conchis @jlbriggs
I believe it's possible that there have been confusion between the range (the obvious minimum and maximum of each category) and a measurement related to standard deviation.
If few people answered, the range can be really wide, and so would the standard deviation be. But with more answers the standard deviation (or any measurement linked to it) can decrease, while as you well said, it cannot reduce the range... (It should really be obvious that adding values between the minimum and the maximum doesn't change said minimum and maximum...)

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