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As a newbie to the site, could someone give me a hint here? Is it a Q, a QD, or something else?


Dragon: Hint: look at the bar showing Bernie Sanders (and then look at the bar below).


Okay, I get it - the Bernie Sanders bar shouldn't be 23% given how close it is to the 8%. (I'll admit it took me a while to get too).


Adding up the percentages, I'm pretty sure Bernie was at 23% but someone decided to mess with the bar length. Incompetence? Conspiracy? Coincidence?


People are just bad at drawing graphs by hand. I get more evidence for this every time I see the local weather guy's 7-day forecast. (BREAKING NEWS: 43 is now more than 45!)


Jeff: I'd hardly imagine someone is hand drawing a bar chart. But some further sleuthing indicates that the length is 13 instead of 23. So it could be a fat finger, coincidentally making Bernie look much less popular. If they used a software to make the chart, they should learn how to add data labels.

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