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Dan Vargo

What do you think about re-ordering the series by moving the top (green) to the very bottom (orange) so that they are next to each other? This would show the vast majority of the difference comes from the interplay of those two groups while the rest is just noise.


DV: Like the way you're thinking about this. Figure out the key messages and then order your data accordingly. I am thinking a Bumps chart is better; will test it out when I get a chance.


DV: All the white groups are showing a strong decline, just greatest for the evangelical protestant.

I would just go for a line chart for the non summed percentages. Alternatively a clustered bar chart with the clustering by religious group. Anything but the stacked bar chart.

I would also like to see how much missing data there was. In Australia religion is a voluntary question, is that the case in America?

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