Fifty-nine intersections supporting forty dots of data
Choosing the right metric reveals the story behind the subway mess in NYC

Upcoming talks here and there

I'm giving a dataviz talk in San Ramon, CA on Thursday Nov 9. Go here to register.


Then next Monday (Nov 13, 11 am), I will be in Boston at Harvard Business Review, giving a "live whiteboard session" on A/B Testing. This talk will be streamed live on Facebook Live.


Finally, my letter to the editor of New York Times Magazine was published this past Sunday. This letter is a response to Susan Dominus's article about the "power pose" research, and the replication crisis in social science. Fundamentally, it is a debate over how data is used and analyzed in experiments, and therefore relevant to my readers. I added a list of resources in this blog post about the letter.


Those are some of my favorite topics: dataviz, A/B testing, and data-driven decision-making.


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