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Rick Wicklin

I like the redux. I always ask myself, "if can I order the categories to add more information?" You did not explicitly mention this ordering. For these data, one option is a West-East ordering, but that ordering is imperfect because of the categories include North-Middle-South variants. The other option is to order the categories by median salary, either by the engineers' salaries (which you chose) or by the managers' salaries.


So much better.

Have to wonder why they didn't just use a table for the original. At least that would have been understandable.

Bob Swerdlow

I agree that the new chart is much better. However, I also agree that east-to-west order, even if only approximate, would have been better, especially given the sub-heading at the top of the chart: "Salaries tend to be higher on the two coasts". That would also put West North Central next to East North Central, which would be easier to understand.

Also, the gray border and the gray background on the titles don't add any value and should be removed.

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