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This is a great time for people in the data business. If you go on Linkedin and look for data jobs, there are several thousand open positions, just in the New York area. Every department within any business is accumulating data, and they need people to help them get value out of the data.

There are also lots of people I meet who would like to transition their careers to take advantage of these open positions but too many of them are being turned away. Many of these people have great backgrounds in other fields (economics, chemistry, psychology, engineering, IT, etc.), and have the analytical smarts to excel in these new data jobs. They are not getting hired. That's because as hiring managers, we prefer hiring the experienced person who doesn't need additional training. We also poach experienced people from other employers, instead of training new talent, creating a vicious cycle.

This is the problem that I am trying to solve by launching my new venture - Principal Analytics Prep.




The single biggest complaint about the talent pool by hiring managers is that people's skills are too narrow, sometimes too technical, sometimes too "soft". Hiring managers in the business units outside engineering/software development, for example, marketing, operations, finance, customer service, want to hire people who can analyze and interpret data in the business context, communicate findings to non-technical audiences, as well as contribute to inter-departmental working teams to solve business problems.

For Principal Analytics Prep, I have assembled a group of passionate instructors - who are in director or above positions in industry, and hiring managers for their teams - to design a broad-based curriculum that helps people upgrade their skills to meet industry needs. Our courses range from coding to statistical reasoning to business skills. The faculty have worked at places such as American Express, Cisco, Goldman Sachs, HBO, McKinsey, Mount Sinai, SiriusXM Radio, and Vimeo, with an average of 10 years in industry.

We are not a pure coding academy, therefore we want to assemble people from all disciplines.

We will be launching the first class of students this summer in NYC.


Blog readers, you can help me in the following ways:

  • If you know anyone who's looking to upgrade their skills and get into the business analytics/data science field, tell them about the program
  • If you are interested in teaching a course, contact me
  • I am also looking for part-time help with administration and operations, so if you believe in my vision, contact me

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment. Thank you.




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