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Will Stahl-Timmins

Thanks for taking a look at this. I'd guess it's a pretty hard area to collect reliable data on, and the broad message that there is a huge disparity between men and women is probably worth highlighting, even if the data quality is limited at this stage.

The design decisions are definitely questionable though. If you inspect the SVG code for the chart, you can see that the circle areas are a bit weird too. Taking Missouri as an example. The wage gap there is $256k to $364k (42% higher for men). The radius of the two circles is 4.8px for women, and 13.5px for men (so 180% bigger for men). That's bad enough, but the eye processes area more naturally, so bubble charts like this are supposed to use circle area instead of radius. The area of the women's circle is 72.5px, and the men's 568.7px - or 685% bigger. Not sure why this 42% difference is represented with an object that's 685% bigger - or am I missing something?

The data is shocking enough as it is, without having to exaggerate the point!


A doctor friend of mine did move from New York State to North Dakota for a huge payout - easily $100k/year more than he would have made in New York State.

I am surprised Hawaii is low, however.


Adrian: Good to know. I wonder why that would be the case!
Will: Thanks for sending me the graphic. And yes, the encoding sounds really suspicious. The visual form of showing the gap as a donut is very ineffective even without the encoding problem.


I'm a med student and we hear a decent amount about the pay difference in the midwest vs. the coasts. The midwest is mostly fee-for-service (FFS) model of paying and there isn't the same level of saturation as on the coasts and the cities. So if you're doing FFS and you're the only game in town, you can charge whatever you want for any test/imaging you do.


Supply and demand. If you want a good doctor to move to North Dakota, you will need to pay him more. Inversely, Hawaii is a very desirable place to live, hence easy to attract doctors.

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