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Ted Max

The small multiples version is much improved. Yay! But am I the only person who still finds the graph a little baffling?

I would think that the car icon combined with the people icon would be cars per capita but instead it's just population? The accompanying text suggests that Nigeria "stabilized" after 2006, but the pink line (presumably showing per capita, I guess?) marches steadily upward throughout the time period. So I don't fully understand what "stabilized" means in this context.

This is a great improvement, but I'd personably just need another revision pass before I'd find it "clear." Am I alone in that?


TM: The people inside the car icon is indeed cars per capita. The one thing I did that confuses you is to switch the terminology to "density of vehicles" by which I mean "vehicles per capita." The gray line has stabilized for Nigeria: the growth of cars roughly equals the growth of people. I like to vary my word choice but in this case, it may be overdone.



Pink line is population (people icon)
Purple line is vehicles (car icon)
Dark line is vehicles per (car with people icon)

Ted Max

@jlbriggs: Okay, that makes sense, and fits what I'd have expected, as I mentioned. I still feel like I'm misinterpreting something based on the written analysis. Germany's slip into negative population growth is almost impossible to see at this resolution and doesn't seem to be happening around 2007-08 as far as I can tell.

Oh well, like I said, this is a much improved graph but it in combination with the accompanying text was still a bit confusing to me, and I'm no dummy. I wonder if it'd be better to toss out the pink line entirely. There's nothing of interest there, really.

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