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Thank you for this post. I am not sure about the sorting, however. Isn't there the risk that one might put metrics together that have nothing to do with each other? Would it not be better to categorize the metrics by their properties? For example, what aspect of the game play they describe?


In this case the sorting makes sense to me. This is a superficial analysis that tries to answer the question, "what are the arguments in favor of the Patriots (or Falcons) being the better team?" The metrics at the bottom are generally considered important so it would be odd to exclude them, but I like them down there where you can take them in as a group and quickly conclude that they're not very informative in this context. If this went into more detail it would make sense to separate offense/defense/special teams, for example.


Great comments. I tried both versions and decided to go with this ordering. To make further progress on this chart, one has to move to the D corner of the Trifecta. You have to pick a set of metrics rightly scaled that builds a story around the conparative strengths of the two teams. The current set of data does not admit a clear story line.

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