Light entertainment: We're very sorry but this is NOT a pie chart
Your charts need the gift of purpose

Making the world a richer place #onelesspie #PiDay

Xan Gregg and I have been at it for a number of years. To celebrate Pi Day today, I am ridding the world of one pie chart.

Here is a pie chart that is found on Wikipedia:


Here is the revised chart:


It's been designed to highlight certain points of interest.

I find the data quite educational. These are some other insights that are not clear from the revised chart:

  • Japan's economy is larger than Germany's
  • Russia's economy is smaller than that of Germany, Italy, India, Brazil, or South Korea
  • China and Japan combined have GDP (probably) larger than Western Europe
  • Turkey, Netherlands, Switzerland, South Africa are in the Top 20

PS. Xan re-worked a radar chart this year. (link)




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This chart is very nice but I think you missed an opportunity to highlight the size of the EU as a block

Travis Hill

@Heath The EU as a block? Not adding them to the chart means not having to remove them in five years when the EU folds.


It is a nice Chart to explain the world economy more clearly, especially the revised chart.


Hey nice rework! Was this done in R? if so is the code available?

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