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We should admit that these are attempts to answer questions that can't be answered. The choice of the lead characters in movies is based purely on how much they will affect the box office and availability. Except for children's movies that depends a lot on what the movie goers want to see. Unless we can show that producers are making a suboptimal choice then it is impossible to show bias. Replacing Matt Damon by Cate Blanchett in the Bourne movies would be unlikely to make the same amount of money. Producers spend much of their life attempting to organise actors for their movies and convince studios that they are a good choice, knowing that if they get it wrong that may be the end of producing.


Ken, I think you're fighting a bit of a straw man here.

We don't have to replace Matt Damon with Cate Blanchett to balance out the representation.

The real point behind the original post is about showing how unbalanced it is. Suggesting that audiences are only interested in movies where men do most of the talking would be pretty far off base, IMO.

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