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In the last image, what is the point of plotting both men and women information? 4% more men is the same as 4% less women. And what is the gap then, is it 4% or 8%? If you want to plot the gap just plot the gap.


I prefer the Marimekko, but wonder if the information about the number in each group is really necessary. For a scientific publication we could just display the proportion for each group and a 95% confidence interval.


A: I'm pretty sure I have made that comment myself somewhere in the archives. But there is always a balance between efficiency and "entertainment". In this case, I opted to show the gap as a literal gap between two lines, feeling that it makes for a more interesting chart, without making it unreadable.

Ken: The marimekko has the advantage that the total area represents 100% of the population but whether that is important to show depends on the researcher's message.


Kaiser: I thought it wasn't important here. What would concern me is whether the proportion is reliable in the small groups, and so confidence intervals are more useful.

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