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Which way to die, the Bard asked #onelesspie

Happy Pi Day! In honor of Xan Gregg, I take aim at another pie chart today.

This monstrosity was found on Vox (link):



The data pose a major challenge here: almost all the numbers are equal to one. This could potentially be fixed by aggregation. Or one can pick a more appropriate chart form, like a text cloud:


One can grumble about the imprecision of the text cloud, especially when phrases are involved. But which one serves the message more clearly?



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Adam Schwartz

Seems like it'd be helpful to regroup the data in some ways. I was going to make an attempt, but the Vox article tells us that "stabbed" includes both self-inflicted and otherwise... so re-categorizing would be hard. But something like self-inflicted vs. other, deliberate vs. accidental, nature vs. man seems like it'd be more helpful where the detailed reasons are highly varied, and might (I stress might) lend some insight as to the Bard's favored methods of doing away with a character.

Either way, anything that gets rid of a pie chart is good.


Adam: yes, the categorization can be improved, both by expanding some categories or aggregating others.

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