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It's awfully quiet here lately as I am trying to manage a tight schedule. The problem with a tight schedule is the absence of "slack." Without slack, just one little unexpected event ruins your schedule. Like dominoes, everything gets pushed back. That event arrived in drips and drabs a couple of weeks ago as a major water leak broke out two floors above my apartment. I am still picking up the pieces.

Last week, I crossed the pond and gave a talk about visual story-telling at the SAS headquarters in UK. The audience was wonderful and the organizers assembled a great crowd. The event was streamed live to over a thousand viewers all across Europe. Thanks for attending!

Here's me pointing to one of the charts in my presentation:


In the next few weeks, people in the U.S. have a chance to hear a similar presentation. Please come meet me and let me know you read my blog!

Los Angeles, 2/24, 9 a.m. Free registration here

Denver, 3/17, 9 a.m. Free registration here

New York City, 3/24, 9 a.m. Free registration here


In addition, I will be speaking about the ethics of data science at the INFORMS Analytics Conference, in April, in Orlando. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion.

On a related note, rSQUAREedge is hosting a webinar next week by Augustine Fou, who is a digital advertising fraud investigator. This is also free. Fou will talk about the techniques he uses to uncover "bad" data. In this case, "bad" data are data inserted by adversaries to inflate statistics. This is one of the unspoken, and worrisome issues in modern data analysis. One can be very naive in assuming that the observational, "found" data are free from manipulation.





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